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About Us And Hosting Cultures

The main purpose behind creating Hosting Cultures is to teach you authentic information related to hosting, WordPress & blogging. We provide unique content based on extensive research as well as our personal experiences. We help create better bloggers & you are the next one.

People Behind HC

Mayank Mehani from Hosting Cultures

Mayank Mehani -

Myself Mayank Mehani, Founder of Products 24, College Drop Out turned into Digital Marketer, contributing my best at Family Business and following the LAS ( Learn, Apply & Share ) formula.

 My Journey to this field was started just out of the fun when I created my first ever blog in December 2016 and started writing about things that I knew and had an interest in. I began my blogging journey on the BlogSpot platform. I failed many times, but as I never gave up the spirit of blogging. Today I am maintaining many successful blogs.

Besides this, I even enjoy helping people, Building Digital Presence of their Businesses. With much enthusiasm, I am set to help you in your Digital Growth.

Dhruvir_Zala from Hosting Cultures

Dhruvir Zala -

Hey there, this is Dhruvir Zala, the founder of Scale Blogging. I am obsessed with writing long + valuable content, Paneer (Indian dish), minimalism, and playing Table Tennis though I never qualified for any tournaments (poor man). I teach about blogging, affiliate marketing, email marketing & growing online business.

Though I don’t like to brag, I am on a flow to create blogs that thrive in this noisy world.